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Relocation, Custody, Visitation and the Big Showdown…

Having practiced family law in Northern Virginia for over 30 years, I can say without hesitation that relocation cases are by the far the most challenging. In our mobile and ever-changing society, families face job transfers, dissolution of relationships and a myriad of life-changing events that disrupt the status quo.  Once it becomes clear that a […]

What about Child Support?

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, it is well established that both parents owe a duty of child support for the benefit of their minor children.  Whether married or divorced, the non-custodial parent is obligated to pay support, without regard to status. Virginia Code Section 20-108.1 et. seq. provides the statutory scheme governing matters of support.  […]

Spousal support, how much and how long?

The issue of spousal support is a major concern for both parties.  The lesser income spouse wants to know if he or she will receive support, and if so will it be enough to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.  By contrast, the primary wage earner does not want to pay indefinite support and is focusing on […]

Working With the Other Spouse

Reality has set in and you are now prepared to accept the fact that the marriage is over.  You have cried, complained, threw a few tantrums, and prayed but none of this has worked so far.  You are still living separate and apart.  You must come to terms with the fact that nothing will bring your spouse […]

Why a Marital Settlement Agreement?

Your marriage is over.  You do not want a divorce but feel you have no choice.  Your spouse left the house and you are now being pulled in 100 different directions, with the demands of the kids, their school, the house, your job, the bills, etc.  What about the kids? Who will get custody? Will you be […]

A Practical View to Minimizing Cost during Divorce

In the mid-eighties, NBC aired a legal drama known as L.A. Law.  Although I was a newly minted lawyer, I enjoyed analyzing the issues and looking for flaws in the storylines.   I spent an hour each week watching glamorous lawyers in fancy offices resolve complex cases with minimal effort.  Regardless of the complexity of an issue, […]

Hiring a Divorce Lawyer, Legal Fees

Following the initial consultation, you are now ready to hire a lawyer.  You have narrowed your search to an attorney you feel is the right fit for you, but you are worried about legal fees. How much will it cost? Unfortunately, every case is different and there is no way to predict, in advance, the […]

Consulting a Lawyer, Understanding the process

You get the news that your spouse is having an affair and wants a divorce.  You are devasted by the news and try to process that your marriage is over.  Your mind is filled with a myriad of questions.   Will I get custody of the children? Can I afford to keep the house? What about […]